“A bouncing beauty from a New York four piece who sound like they're having a much fun as a pig in a sewage plant. Expertly side-stepping the "good sense-of-humour" curse.”   - Winston’s Zen

“....A very pleasant reminiscent of Dave Matthews Band’s early days...[and] it definitely sounds proper and suitable when they add up their funk with harmonica and horn and whatever else.  If you’re sitting in a local club having this band performing, you’ll undoubtedly be surprised by the defined sound and mood that Sublunar Minds create.” - This Winki’s
“The music of Sublunar Minds is anything but earthly and mundane...Intelligent lyrics combined with a variety of musical tracks make their music fun and interesting to listen to, and I have not found a bad track yet. That qualifies them to claim music that is orbiting above us all...This is a band that defies any categorization other than "talented" and good". “  - Razi’s Music
“....Full of truly talented musicians....”

“... Different and diggable!...”


- Amie Street