Assembly Language


"Assembly Language" is the 9th studio album from Sublunar Minds. The 6 song EP embraces extreme computer processing to achieve beautifully un-natural timbres, with lyrics that evoke the unrest of our age.

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Same As It Never Was

Remain In Light Re-Imagined (2020)

The eighth studio release from the band, "Same As It Never Was - Remain In Light Re-Imagined” is a re-composed and re-harmonized version of Talking Heads’ seminal album “Remain In Light.” Written for the 40th anniversary of the album’s release in October 1980, the album takes the Fela Kuti-inspired one chord grooves of the original and applies sweeping harmonic changes in the vein of Gil Evans, brought to life with a Queen-style guitar ensemble.

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Somebody Should Do Something


"Somebody Should Do Something" is the seventh studio release from Sublunar Minds. Recorded in Studio 3 at the legendary Abbey Roads Studios in January 2020, this album hints at the unrest of 2020 through funk, indie rock, and hints of classic 60s pop. Featuring some of the top horn players in London, this album is Sublunar Minds' most ambitious to date.

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Life On Titan


This four song EP, the sixth studio release from the band, features uplifting and uptempo songs including "This Is The Day" and "We Must Press On."

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Into A Future Bright And Beautiful


The fifth studio album from Sublunar minds showcases what the band is known for: energetic, catchy songs with strong grooves and a hint of melancholy. This album features the live staples “Up Up Up” and “This Other Eden” as well as extensive Queen-esque guitar choir arrangements. 

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Lit Again In Our Time


The fourth studio album from Sublunar Minds is a left-field concept piece, written for the 100th anniversary of the armistice ending WWI, and released on that day. The music is comprised of dense horn arrangements and aggressive grooves with melodic material based on re-harmonizations of classic Black Sabbath riffs. The snarling sprechstimme vocals draw from the classic WWI war poets and paint an abstract bleak landscape. 

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Now We Ascend


The third studio album from Sublunar Minds, this album features extensive horn arrangements and an upleveling in funkiness, including “To Central Ave” and the neo-Motown “Leaving Not Believing.”

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The Last Of The Natural Light


The second studio album from Sublunar Minds continues the energetic funk rock with Maceo-esque saxes but adds sheens of classic jazz timbres and harmonies.

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Get Hit In Your Soul


Sublunar Minds’ debut studio album introduces the world to the unique, quirky, and funky sound of the NYC band. Pairing sprechstimme dadaist vocals with cool horns and explosive harmonica, this album contains staples of the band’s live show a decade later including “Let The Good Times Roll” and “Take What You Can.”

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